2 Crossfit Exercises to Add to Any Program


Crossfit, the high intensity, high power method of working out that uses a variety of functional movements is praised by some who proudly call themselves 'Crossfitters.'  However these types of workouts, also know as 'metcons' may not be for everyone. If the fast paced style of exercise isn't for you, there are still ways to weave crossfit type exercises into your existing workout program. These four exercises are; Wall Ball, Thrusters, Dumbbell Snatch, and the Med Ball Clean. The first two are relatively simple and safe for anyone who is currently exercising to try. The later two are more technical and will be covered in a later post.


Wall Ball


Equipment Needed: A wall, your own body, something soft to place under your body (like another med ball) and a 20 lb Dynamax Medicine Ball.

* If you do not have dynamax balls in your gym, most rubber medicine balls will do, just beware of it bouncing off the wall to quickly. Rubber can scuff some paints, wrapping the ball in a pillow case can prevent this. Get creative with what materials you have available to you!


Set-Up: Position yourself within a foot of the wall. Place a med ball, or other object with a little bit of give right between your legs. You must tap this object with your behind each time you lower into a squat!


Action: Holding the Med Ball at your chest quickly squat down, touch but do not rest on, the chosen object underneath you, and explode back up simultaneously throwing the med ball as high as you can. Try not to twist your hips or favor one arm when throwing or catching the ball. Upon catching the med ball drop back down to a full bodyweight squat and repeat by exploding up again for another rep.


Suggestions: Beginners should use a 6 to 10 lb ball to throw. I know this may sound light, but this exercise really isn't about going heavy. This is a wind sucking exercise if you go at it with a little speed and intensity. Work your way up to 20 to 24 lbs after you have playing with this movement for a little while. Unless your WOD prescribes otherwise, try starting with 3 sets of 10 throws. The more ambitious and experienced exercisers can try 5 sets.

View the instructional video here.




Equipment Needed: Two Dumbbells, or a Barbell at a weight appropriate for you.


Set-Up: Starting with a good athletic stance, hold the weights at your shoulder.


Action: Drop down into a full bodyweight squat and using your heels, drive up with your legs, using the momentum generated to push the weights in your hands directly over head. Lower the weights with control and drop back into your bodyweight squat. Repeat by exploding up for another rep.


Suggestions: As always, don't try a new exercise with a weight that may be too heavy for you. But, once you try this exercise a few times, you will learn that because of the use of power and momentum you can press more than you might expect. For example, if you typically perform a standard military shoulder press with 30 lbs, you might be able to 'thrust' 40 to 50 lbs. Start with 3 to 5 sets of 8 to 10 reps.

View the video here.

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Fit Wishes!

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